Nursing jobs - So many paths to choose… they all lead to their own successful future.

Choosing to become a nurse is an emotionally rewarding decision that very few other professions can offer. The talent, compassion and dedication you put into your nursing career will come back ten-fold with the very first patient whose life you change for the better. 

Entering into the nursing profession also gives you more options than you can imagine. The range of nursing specialties is almost as varied as the personalities of nurses themselves, so no matter what kind of person you are, there’s a place for you in nursing. Think about it, with 104 specialties and a number of advanced nursing degrees, it’s easy to see why most nurses change jobs throughout their careers. Here at Nursing Jobs 101, we can provide you details on many of the most popular nursing specialties, giving you a good start to determining your future as a registered nurse.

Becoming a nurse truly opens up a world of possibilities and solid options for a successful future. You can move laterally, to another specialty, or build on your education, and move up. In fact, did you know that the nursing profession is the fastest growing occupation in the U.S. Registered nurses account for 2.6 million jobs in U.S. and, by 2018, that number is expected to swell to 3.2 million. It is projected that by 2020, our nation will face a shortage of 800,000 nurses.

There is so much to gain when you choose to enter the nursing profession. Why not start by exploring some of the more popular specialty and featured nursing job options. Simply click on the links below and read on:


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